Сборник технических текстов для домашнего чтения по английскому языку. Морозова М.А. - 34 стр.



In early 2002 the Russian air force gave the Yak-130 the victory in the compe-
tition to equipment military aviation with new airplanes that can play the role of
training and light combat aircraft. Its competitor, the MiG-AT, although it also would
be supported by the air force, now can count on only foreign orders. Since December
2002 Air Force has been successfully testing certification tests of this trainer aircraft
together with MiG Russian Aircraft Corporation on approved program. By October
2003 this program entered into final stage," - said Commander-in-chief of Russian
Air Force. According to his words now "is tested aerodynamics, stability, flight con-
trol system, flight-technical and take off/landing characteristics of the trainer air-
craft." Also is executed general program of testing onboard equipment for both Rus-
sian and export version of aircraft, said V.Mikhailov. "Already now we can say that
after certification tests MiG-AT will be evaluated as trainer aircraft for Russian Air
Force training schools," - said he. By late 2003 neither the Russian nor the French
militaries had the intention to buy the MiG-AT instructional airplane. So, the sample
may safely go to the aviation museum where one of the MiG-29 shipborne planes is
already exhibited.
battles are being fought inside the Washington Beltway to allow the $9
billion engineering and manufacturing development phase of the joint-strike
(JSF) to go ahead. Two teams of contractors submitted EMD bids
in Febru-
ary 2001 and the Pentagon is expected to give a decision in the autumn.
Selection of the winning team will be top of the new administration's agenda if
it decides to go ahead with the programme as proposed by its predecessor
. Stakes
are high, the project is likely to stretch for 30 years and involve production of more
than 5,000 airframes
Augustine's law
Media hype surrounding JSF has obscured the underlying philosophy behind
the programme
and the major technological issues to be addressed in the near future.
At the heart of the programme is Augustine's law number XVI, named after Norm
Augustine, the former CFO of Lockheed Martin, who predicted that unless the Penta-
gon overhauled
its procurement
policies to halt cost escalation of military equip-
ment, the US defence budget would buy just a single aircraft in 2054. He was talking
about a single airframe, not an aircraft type.
The huge cost of the Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit and Lockheed Martin F-
22 Raptor were wake-up calls for the Pentagon and the world's defence minis-
crucial - решающий
joint-strike fighter – объединенный ударный истребитель
bid – предложение цены
predecessor - предшественник
stake - ставка
airframe – корпус (планер самолета)
Media hype surrounding JSF has obscured the underlying philosophy behind the programme – беззастенчивая
рекламная компания СМИ, окружающая JSF
overhauleосматривать, пересматривать
procurement - обеспечение